Photo: Pixabay
The Eros Special School in Bridgetown, Athlone, is in desperate need of volunteers to scribe for learners with disabilities who will be writing their mid-year examinations.

Volunteers need to have matric; the ability to read and write in English, Afrikaans, and IsiXhosa; and be available to scribe from today until June 7.

The school caters for pupils suffering from cerebral palsy who are physically challenged due to injuries to the immature brain; pupils who have average or above average intelligence, but who still struggle to progress academically due to specific learning difficulties; and other physically challenged learners with muscular dystrophy, spina bifida, syndromes or genetic abnormalities.

“Some pupils are not able to write the examination on their own. A scribe will be there to help them, by reading the question to a learner, then receiving the learner’s answer verbally and writing exactly what the learner said.

“There is no hint given, or any explanation or any help that the scribe should give to the learner,” said teacher Insaaf Dawood.

“The school needs volunteers, as we cannot pay. However, we will work around the scribe’s schedule.

“We need more than 30 scribe volunteers per day, as they will require to work one-on-one with a learner.

“The school offers specialised educational methods used to address specific problems in reading, writing, spelling and or mathematics.

“These include physiotherapists, occupational therapists, speech therapists, and psychologists who work in collaboration with the class teacher to ensure learners reach their maximum potential.”

Members of the public who wish to assist can complete a form at the following link or WhatsApp the word SCRIBE and your FULL NAME to Insaaf Dawood on 0725531300.