SENSITIVE CONTENT: Call to jail duo who cut off dog’s ears with scissors

Two men face charges of animal cruelty after a dog’s ears were cut off.

Two men face charges of animal cruelty after a dog’s ears were cut off.

Published Feb 5, 2020


Cape Town – Disfigured by two men who wanted

him to look “vicious”, Cooper is now responding well to treatment after being brought into the Animal Welfare Society bloodstained and in pain.

Without anaesthesia, the 1-year-old pitbull had his ears cruelly hacked off by two men who now face charges of animal cruelty.

The organisation’s Allan Perrins said they had apprehended the men responsible and they had admitted to cutting Cooper’s ears off with a pair of scissors.

“The only way I can imagine it happened was they subdued it is they may have taped his legs and mouth shut with duct tape and physically restrained him.

“Imagine how loud Cooper screamed,” Perrins said.

“They have admitted to cruelly restraining Cooper, cutting off his ears and then crudely sewing them together without any form of anaesthetic.

“Their lack of compassion and indifference is extremely disturbing.”

Perrins said there were no words to describe the fear and pain that Cooper experienced at the hands of his torturers, but said he was happy to report that the dog was healing.

“Cooper is on the mend and will never be a vicious dog. He is a kind and gentle soul and always will be.

“Cooper will soon be transferred to our Adoptions Centre, where we will find him a loving forever home.”

Perrins said they wanted the harshest

penalty for the men and said they should never be allowed the privilege of owning a pet.

“We have charged them under many sections of the Animals Protection Act. I will not be happy with a sentence that involves a diversion. Very often they say 'it’s a first offence', but this is a hideous offence.

“If they can do this to an innocent animal ,what else can they do? We want them behind bars to send a strong message. This is not


Animal Welfare Society senior inspector Mark Levendal said when Cooper was brought in, he was bloodstained around the head and ears.

“Blue, nylon suture material was present at the time. The dog was immediately admitted into our hospital care.”

“While interviewing the alleged offender, he admitted to me that he cut both ears of the dog with large scissors while being assisted by his friend. No anaesthetic was used during this procedure.”

Levendal said the two men had submitted sworn affidavits admitting to their actions.

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