Picture: Courtney Africa/African News Agency (ANA)
Cape Town – Soup kitchen founder Danny Diliberto has exceeded his goal to raise R48 000 for Ladles of Love, his non-profit soup kitchen that serves meals to the homeless.

Diliberto spent two nights on the streets in aid of the organisation last month. He aimed to raise R48 000 by inviting people to sponsor him through online crowdfunding. Donations to date stand at almost R51 000.

Ladles of Love has served the homeless for more than four years, providing a hot, healthy meal in three places each week.

His challenge began when he left his comfortable apartment in Tamboerskloof at 6.30am.

“I walked my way to what was apparently the old Turkish baths in Castle Street where an organisation called Straatwerk operates. Here homeless people start arriving before 7am in the hope of getting a four-hour shift for a R50 stipend.

“What impressed me was the sound life-coaching advice printed on paper and stuck all over the walls in the entrance. Straatwerk have compassion, but they won’t feel sorry for you and they try to teach you that you are accountable for your life,” he said.

Diliberto was given a job cleaning the urine and faeces around the city. There are no toilets at night, so homeless people are forced to urinate and defecate in public areas.

The shift was monitored and rated by a supervisor.

“On return to base camp, I was sat down, counselled and rated for my work. Luckily, I passed and was paid R50,” Diliberto said.

The supervisor explained how the system worked and what actions could be taken to get paid a higher rate per shift - one was rewarded for taking positive actions.

Meanwhile, Feed5000 aims to provide daily meals to more than 250 homeless people in Cape Town from December 18 to January 13.

Initiated by The Carpenter’s Shop (TCS) in 2015, they work with Ladles of Love, Souper Troopers and RPC Helping Hands. CTCS and the Service Dining Rooms in Canterbury Street close in December for an annual break. This leaves about 250 people without food.

Feed5000 relies on volunteers and donations.

Visit http://thecarpentersshop.org.za/ for more information.

Contribute to Diliberto’s initiative via https://www.backabuddy.co.za/champion/project/homeless-in-cape-town-the-48hr-challenge