Southfield resident in spat with Bergvliet High over son's enrolment

File picture: Pexels

File picture: Pexels

Published Nov 18, 2019


Cape Town – A Southfield father has cried discrimination after his son’s school enrolment application for next year was denied.

Brendon van Stavel levelled the accusation against Bergvliet High principal Stephen Price, who has denied the allegation.

Van Stavel said his son lived 4.4km from the school.

“Other students who live outside of the focus area of Bergvliet High School, up to 26km, get preference, especially when Callum fits all the admission criteria. 

"I must add that I had owed school fees, which were written off, for Callum’s previous siblings at Bergvliet High as I didn’t have any work.

“The principal did confirm that they had place during a face-to-face meeting. It’s just that he hates me personally as I speak my mind, now he targets my 13-year-old youngest son,” Van Stavel said.

Price, however, said Van Stavel had been given a detailed letter outlining why his son had not been accepted.

He said the school had received over 1 000 applications for 240 places.

“The fact that he lives closer to four other schools was only one factor. As far as his claim that the classmates have been accepted from as far afield as Strandfontein, this is incorrect. 

"The learners accepted are from Diep River, Southfield, Lakeside, Grassy Park and Capricorn,” added Price.

He said Van Stavel’s son was one of over 80 pupils whose parents had remotivated to take one of five remaining places and that the parents had presented compelling reasons why their children should be accepted.

“Mr van Stavel’s claim of discrimination on my part is therefore rejected outright.

“Bergvliet High has a responsibility to look at learners from all areas and the simple fact is that the school is oversubscribed,” said Price.

Van Stavel said he had lodged a complaint with Western Cape Eduction Department and that the response of its circuit team manager, Faldiela Chotia, had been that once the school intake process was completed, the department would place his son at another close school. 

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