Ayaan Ahmed

AT SEVEN months, little Ayaan Ahmed is truly a miracle baby.

Diagnosed with severe combined immunodeficiency, a potentially fatal primary disease in which there is combined absence of the T-lymphocyte and B-lymphocyte function, doctors did not believe he would live long.

His parents believe he is the only baby in the country with the disease, and according to statistics, he is the only infant in the world to have survived multiple liver abscesses.

Ayaan was born in March this year, and 12 days after birth, he was admitted to hospital for an infection.

Four days later, he was operated on after a number of scans and X-rays showed abnormality.

He was initially found to have had multiple abscesses on his tiny infant liver.

His mother Shamaa Sheik said she would never forget that day.

“In the days that followed, Ayaan underwent two central line procedures, two lumbar punctures, three
further surgeries (one of which was six hours long), and multiple blood and platelet transfusions.

“He is the only known infant survivor of multiple liver abscesses in the world, according to statistics.

"He also miraculously survived legionnaire’s disease against all odds,” Sheik said.

She added that the family was trying to find a bone marrow donor, but the chance of finding one in South Africa was minute.

The search is expected to go overseas.

Medical care and the expenses were overwhelming, Sheik said, vowing to fight for her son.

On October 29 at Kenwyn Primary School in Landsdowne, a comedy show, Laughs 4 Ayaan Ahmed, will feature comedians Carl Weber, KG Mokgadi, Phil de Lange, Wesley Cockrell and Stuart Cairns.

The event will take place at 7.30pm for 8pm, and costs R165, which includes a raffle ticket.

There will also be an auction at the event.

“I would appeal to other parents who might have experienced the same with their child to please contact me. It is not a much talked-about disease.

“I have also set up a website: www.scidawareness.co.za to further my advocacy efforts in creating an awareness about immune system deficiencies in infants,” said Sheik.

For more information or details on obtaining tickets, contact Sheik at [email protected], or on 083 272 9336. Full information on Ayaan is at www.facebook.com/Awareness-4-Ahmed
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