Suspected car thieves arrested after rolling car during high-speed chase in Pinelands

Emergency personnel tend to two suspects who crashed into a tree. Picture: Supplied

Emergency personnel tend to two suspects who crashed into a tree. Picture: Supplied

Published Aug 31, 2023


Two suspects have been arrested in Pinelands for alleged car theft, after they crashed into a tree while trying to avoid being pulled over by the City’s auxiliary law enforcement officers.

City safety and security mayco member J P Smith said that while the officers were patrolling the area that has become known for the theft of vehicles, they noticed a suspicious vehicle that matched the description of a suspected vehicle of interest.

Smith said that after following the vehicle for a short distance, the officers pulled alongside and asked the driver to pull over for questioning.

At first the driver signalled his intention to comply, but when his vehicle was brought to a stop, he quickly accelerated away in an attempt to escape, said Smith.

“Officers gave chase and a high-speed pursuit ensued through Pinelands. Shortly before 6pm, the suspects lost control of the vehicle in Union Ave and crashed into a tree and the boundary palisade fence of a residence, before rolling and coming to a standstill on the pavement.

“One of the occupants entrapped in the vehicle, and he was extricated by emergency personnel. Both suspects were then transported to hospital under guard.

“While they were released from hospital early on Wednesday morning, both occupants were placed under arrest after officers found several vehicle theft implements in their vehicle.

“Such implements included a variety of tools and devices commonly used in the theft of motor vehicles, including equipment and components used to configure or override the manufacturer’s engine electronics and immobiliser systems.

“Both suspects were arrested at Pinelands SAPS and will appear in court on charges of reckless and negligent driving, failure to stop on the command of a peace officer, possession of car theft implements, possession of car break-in implements, as well as malicious damage to property.

“Detectives will now seek to build a case docket which may link them to several other cases within the area.

“Again, our auxiliary volunteers demonstrate their exceptional value to our communities as they volunteer their time and energy all for the good of improving the lives and safety for those within their own neighbourhood.”

Cape Times