The N1 inbound at Jip De Jager on Monday, July 23, at 8.30am. Picture: Cape Town FMS (@CapeTownFreeway)
The N1 inbound at Jip De Jager on Monday, July 23, at 8.30am. Picture: Cape Town FMS (@CapeTownFreeway)

This is why Cape Town's traffic was so bad this morning

By Staff Reporter Time of article published Jul 23, 2018

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Cape Town - Road users were left fuming by the backed up traffic in Cape Town on Monday morning, with the gridlock appearing to be worse than usual. 

Cape Town is the most congested city in the country, as most commuters use their private vehicles into the city centre. 

A broken down bus along FW De Klerk Drive incoming caused major delays from the residential suburbs along the West Coast.

One lane was closed to traffic, causing major tailbacks and slow-moving traffic as bottlenecks occurred. Other motorists slowing down to catch a glimpse of the disruption as they drove by also added to the frustration. 

"On FW De Klerk incoming just before Lower Church we have a bus broken down in the center lane could cause delays in traffic," the City of Cape Town's Richard Coleman said at around 5am on Monday morning. 

The scene was eventually cleared almost three hours later. 

Further down the N1 into town, there was another vehicle broken down, and while there were no lane closures, the stationary vehicle caused some delays. 

A crash on the N2 outbound at Bhunga Avenue, Langa, also caused major delays. A stationary vehicle on the N2 inbound at the notorious Hospital Bend also caused major headaches for motorists travelling into the city.

On the N1, a stationary vehicle at Durban Road caused a tailback.

Faulty traffic lights, and crashes, particularly two separate incidents on Govan Mbeki and Bosmansdam, were the cause of further traffic problems. 


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