File photo: INLSA
The middleman in a car theft and the murder of a police officer has been sentenced to three years' imprisonment after pleading guilty yesterday.

Mzwondeleli Dasheka, 32, admitted he was asked to find a buyer for a car in which Milnerton Warrant Officer Dion Dumas was strangled in Atlantis last year.

Dasheka was one of six people involved in the incident. The others – Naydene Hill, Margerette van Wyk, Thobinceba Mdutshane, Mateo Nero and a 15-year-old who cannot be named – will appear in court on Tuesday.

Dasheka’s plea before the Western Cape High Court yesterday read: “The (other five) accused arrived at my house in Witsands, Atlantis, with a white BMW on December 24 last year. 

"I admit that all the accused were in the vehicle and accused 5 was driving. I admit that all the accused asked me to assist to get a buyer.”

He knew the car might be stolen because he knew the driver “very well” and he did not have a car, read his plea.

“I admit that we approached a buyer but he only wanted a car part and we did not succeed in selling (the) vehicle and drove back to Atlantis. 

"I admit that en route to Atlantis accused 5 confirmed my suspicions by telling me it was a stolen vehicle. They did not tell me the circumstances as to how they took possession of the vehicle.”

Dasheka was arrested on December 27.

Duma’s brothers, Willem and André, were consulted by the State about the plea and said they were satisfied with it.

National Prosecuting Authority spokesperson Eric Ntabazalila said they welcomed the sentence. 

“This is a beginning of a trial where a police officer was killed last December. We hope this sentence sends out a message that even those who were not involved in the commission of a crime but received stolen property will serve jail.

"This is a first-time offender and we hope he will learn a lesson from this sentence.

"The matter will continue in court next Tuesday when the three men, including the juvenile, and the two sex workers will appear in court,” Ntabazalila said.

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