File picture: Se-Anne Rall
File picture: Se-Anne Rall

Tip-off, evidence ignored by Kensington police, resident claims

By Nicola Daniels Time of article published May 17, 2021

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Cape Town – Kensington SAPS have been slammed by a resident, Junaid Abbas, who has been the victim of crime, with several cases open, but said police have done nothing with the information he provided to catch the perpetrators.

“I have a strong suspicion of corruption at Kensington SAPS after my experiences.

’’My car was broken into over 10 times and even after I caught the perpetrator on two occasions and identified him to the police, he is still at large. He even walks past my house occasionally.

’’I'm concerned for the safety of my belongings when I’m not home. I've lodged a complaint with the SAPS and was called in but even after giving an image and information on where he could be found no action is taken,” said Abbas.

“Time and time again people fall victim to crime with their houses broken into, people get robbed and threatened but nothing gets done by police. It’s become so bad that police treat you as the problem,” Abbas added.

He said that when his motorbike was stolen, he traced it to Paarl and went as far as collecting statements, taking this to police.

“They told me my case was closed and I had to re-open it before they could act. I did that and submitted all the evidence I accumulated.

’’The last communication I received was that they arrested the person and would get the information to find my bike. Nothing came from this and up until today the bike was not found.”

Police have dismissed his complaints as baseless.

“The allegations levelled against police by this complainant were investigated and found to be without basis.

’’The complainant refused to submit a statement regarding his allegations and could not provide any substantial evidence to the effect when he was requested to do so.

’’Our findings in this regard however cannot be shared with you, as it forms part of an internal process,” police spokesperson Andre Traut said.

“The criminal cases reported by the complainant were investigated and an inspection of the case dockets did not raise any concerns of irregularities.”

Abbas said police did not ask him for a statement regarding the allegations.

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