Trio convicted for corrective rape of Ceres man

The conviction of three rape-accused has come as a victory for a male gang-rape victim

The conviction of three rape-accused has come as a victory for a male gang-rape victim

Published Nov 1, 2021


CAPE TOWN - The conviction of three rape-accused has come as a victory for a male gang-rape victim and the Ceres community.

Rodney Beukes, Austin Fritz and Peter John Adams who each faced charges of kidnapping and rape dating back to 2017 – and allegedly affiliated to the notorious Ford Boys Gang in the area – were convicted last week in the Ceres Magistrate’s Court.

The survivor, referred to as “M”, had detailed while testifying in camera how he was allegedly raped and kidnapped by Beukes, Fritz and Adams. “M” believed the attack was because he was gay.

Activist group, Triangle Project, said this was the “first successful judgment for male rape” and the outcome was celebrated despite the challenges which marred the trial along the way.

“We are so proud of the survivor (‘M’) who saw this through, it took immense courage. He has a whole new life now in beautiful surroundings, doing what he set his heart on doing as a career. He was able to see his life beyond the trauma of gang rape,” the group said.

Attempts to get comment from the National Prosecuting Authority were unsuccessful by deadline.

Triangle Project health and support services manager, Sharon Cox, said they were thankful for the verdict.

“With the rate of crimes perpetrated against LGBTIQ+ people, Triangle is thankful for a guilty verdict on both the kidnapping and rape charges against the three rapists.

“We are also thankful because historically, guilty verdicts in male rape cases, have been difficult. These kinds of cases have shone a light again on the severe gaps in medical training.

“There is nowhere near enough training provided to medical students on rape kits, the completion of J88s and preparing students for the fact that one day, chances are they will be called as expert witnesses in trials,” said Cox.

As the sentencing is anticipated against Beukes, Fritz and Adams, Cox said they want a just sentence to be handed down.

“Triangle would like to see a sentence in line with the impact, trauma, pain and invasion of a person’s body; that rape robs from a person, when rapists feel entitled to violate in the ways that they do,” said Cox.

During the trial, rape victim “M” had lodged an application to testify in-camera as he feared for his life and felt “extremely fragile, vulnerable and intimidated” by his rapists.

This was one of many hurdles during the three-year trial which had 24 postponements and unsuccessful bail applications by the accused.

“M” was motivated to testify and tell the courts of his ordeal as he feared becoming the next homosexual man to be murdered in Ceres following the death of his friend David Olyne during 2014.

Olyne was found tortured and murdered at a dam in Ceres in 2014. His murderer, Christo Oncke, is serving 17 years for the hate crime.

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