Sasco’s branch convenor, Sharon Mogale. Picture: Supplied
Sasco’s branch convenor, Sharon Mogale. Picture: Supplied

UCT denies banning student after clash over loud music

By Okuhle Hlati Time of article published Jun 18, 2021

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UCT has dismissed claims that a third-year theatre and performance student has been banned from the Hiddingh Campus Little Theatre after the student was allegedly involved in an altercation with two white students.

This after student organisation Sasco issued a statement demanding the university immediately remove an alleged ban imposed on the student preventing him from going to the theatre.

“Sasco notes with outrage and disappointment the unjust banning of our students from the Hiddingh Campus Little Theatre in which he does his practicals. We question the rationality and legality of banning him without hearing his side of the story,” the statement read.

According to Sasco’s branch convenor, Sharon Mogale, the incident happened last Wednesday in a Jammie Shuttle.

“The student was listening to music out loud when the two students complained about the volume and made remarks that the choice of music was also bad. He lowered the volume but they complained again, however, in a confrontational manner.

“He asks if they had a problem with him or the music because it seemed like it was more than that. That's how the altercation started. On Thursday when he went back on campus, he was told he can’t enter the theatre,” said Mogale.

She said the students have been rehearsing for an exam practical expected on Friday.

“He never received any communication informing him he was banned or if there was a complaint against him. Saturday he sent an email and was told the matter will be investigated.

“A meeting was scheduled with him for 5pm on Monday where it was proposed that he will examine alone with an external examiner, but this is a problem for him because the play was created and practised as a group. He was mistreated and no due processes followed.”

University spokesperson Elijah Moholola said: “UCT categorically states that the student has not been banned from campus or any of its facilities. UCT also confirms that there are currently two ongoing matters in which the student is involved.

’’These are two separate matters which should not be conflated, an incident that happened on a Jammie Shuttle and unrelated to the first is around the student’s role in a group project.

’’These are both being handled via the relevant internal platforms and all parties involved including the student have been informed accordingly.”

UCT's student representative council president, Declan Dyer, said they were aware of the matter and were working to address it.

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