Cape Town 091028. Staff work under extremely tight security at the vault where the 2009 Matric Exam papers are kept. PHOTO SAM CLARK, CT and CA, reporter, Ilse


Exams have been suspended for four modules in financial reporting and financial planning at the University of SA after question papers were leaked.

Confirming the postponement, Unisa spokesman Martin Ramatshela said today: “ We recently became aware of and confirm the existence of leaked question papers for four modules... they are in financial reporting and financial planning.”

Ramatshela said in a statement the papers were scheduled to be written between May 15 and May 20.

The subjects were specific financial reporting (FAC 3703), distinctive financial reporting (FAC 3702), group financial reporting (FAC 3704), and financial planning and control (ACN 3073).

“The university has also urgently invoked its internal investigation measures to ascertain where the leaks occurred, as well as the extent of the leakage.”

The delay was until further notice from the university and pending re-setting of the papers in question. - Sapa