Cape Town mayor Patricia De Lille

Cape Town - Cape Town mayor Patricia de Lille says justice has prevailed, shortly after surviving a motion of no confidence in her, by one vote in the city council Thursday.

The DA federal executive had authorised its City caucus to table a motion of no confidence against De Lille in the council.

“It took an enormous amount of bravery by the DA councillors who supported me today. I thank them for their courage and for voting with conviction today.

“I also thank the opposition parties for seeing beyond party lines and voting on a matter of principle,” De Lille said. 

She thanked the various communities, and religious leaders who supported her with their kind words and well wishes. 

“The motion before Council today arose from the fact that I was already found guilty on untested allegations,.
“All of these untested allegations were used to smear my name for the past six months.

Despite relentless efforts to get rid of me, the vote today shows that the truth will always survive,” De Lille said. 

She maintained that all allegations must be tested in an open and transparent process.

“I remain open to subjecting myself to due process and to exercise my right to give my side of the story,” De Lille said. 

In terms of the DA in the City, De Lille said officials have to find a way of uniting the DA caucus and unite the city so we can continue to our task to deliver services to the people of Cape Town.

Cape Times