Screengrab: Twitter / @abramjee
Screengrab: Twitter / @abramjee

WATCH: Shop owner fights back during attempted robbery in Durbanville

By Staff Writer Time of article published Oct 2, 2019

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Cape Town – Overconfidence backfired during an attempted robbery at a Durbanville supermarket after the suspect took his time in removing a cowering shop owner's cash and valuables.

He never counted on the shop owner unexpectedly fighting back.  A video of the incident, which took place at 6.45pm last week, was posted on social media by crime activist Yusuf Abramjee on Tuesday and has gone viral.

Western Cape police spokesperson Siyabulela Malo said: "A case  of business robbery has been opened for investigation after an incident occurred at a supermarket in Wellington Road, Durbanville, on Thursday 2019-09-26 at about 18:45. 

"An unknown man entered the complainant's business premises and he threatened him with a sharp object and demanded cash. A scuffle ensued and the complainant sustained open wounds to his hands and upper body.  

"Assistance came from a concerned community member, who rescued the complainant as they overpowered the suspect, who fled the scene on foot without taking anything.

"The circumstances surrounding this incident are being investigated, with no arrests made as yet. Our detectives are working around the clock in an effort to find the perpetrator."

In the video, the shop owner is sitting behind the counter when the would-be robber approaches. The man suddenly hauls out a machete and starts slapping it fiercely on the counter as the shop owner whimpers in fear.

The shop owner, who can be heard pleading "please don't touch me", tries to escape from behind the counter and is cornered.

Towering over the shop owner who is lying on the floor, the would-be robber asks: "Where is the money?"

He is directed to a drawer by a whimpering shop owner and starts emptying the drawer of its contents.

While searching for more valuables, the bleeding shop owner surprises the man by starting to fight back and they wrestle for control of the machete.

Another man enters the shop and starts beating the robber with a metal object over the head. The robber then escapes from behind the counter and manages to run out of the shop as the duo try to corner him.

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