A couple driving behind Susannah Juliet Leigh's bakkie took a video of a man climbing into the back along Victoria Road. Image: Screengrab

Cape Town – People with canopies have been warned to ensure that a would-be robber or hijacker doesn't climb into the back of their bakkie without their knowledge. 

Capetonian Susannah Juliet Leigh posted a video on social media yesterday of the incident and commented that a couple probably saved her life by driving behind her all the way along the coastal road from Hout Bay to Camps Bay. 

The couple could be heard saying in the video: "He is breaking into the car and he is going to hijack her."

"A man climbed into the back of my canopy while I was driving home at night from Hout Bay. I had no idea he had gotten into the back," Leigh said.

"It was very dark and rainy and windy. He climbed into the back on Victoria Road.

"I drove the whole coastal road to Camps Bay not knowing a man was in my car. A couple followed me until I stopped in Camps Bay and told me. 

"Thank you Rupert Bryant and your friend for filming this and saving me from a situation that could have ended very badly.
Keep your canopies locked and be aware of what is happening while you are stopped at intersections."

Wilma Fassbender Visagie commented on the Women Fight Back Facebook site: "Now that's what I call A friend in need ... Well done ... We seriously have to be on the lookout for each other."