Renowned baker Dot Klerck with her lion cake creation currently on display at the V&A Waterfront, all in the name of animal welfare.
The world's biggest Lion Cake was on display at the Waterfront at the weekend, to launch the animal welfare organisation Four Paws’ awareness campaign against the trade and “essentially brutal” killings of lions: “Together, We Can Kill the Trade, Not the Species”.

Renowned baker Dot Klerck and Elda Thomas, from South African Wildlife Project, partnered with Four Paws for this initiative.

Working for more than 400 hours over the past five weeks, Dot and her assistant, Elmarie Louw, created a cake masterpiece capturing a moment in time, straight out of the bushveld.

They used 140kg of fondant, 100kg of chocolate, 80g of modelling chocolate, 50kg of buttercream, and 50 giant sheet cakes, all supplied by sponsors Bakels, Value Baking Supplies and Barco. It all went into making this lifelike sculptured edible art piece.

Four Paws is looking for 300000 signatures to present to the South African authorities to ensure that during the 2019 Cites COP 18 Conference being held in Sri Lanka, members vote to provide the lion with the highest possible protection.

Fiona Miles, country director of Four Paws South Africa, said: “This conference has the power to outlaw all trade in any lion parts and thereby sound the death knell to canned lion hunting and its associated industries.

“We are extremely thankful that Dot and Elda joined the cause. Our aim with this campaign is to get the public to #RiseUpAndRoar for the protection of our lions.

“With the campaign Four Paws demands a world where lions are awarded the greatest possible protection in terms of keeping and trading.

“Undertakings by the government for a proper investigation into the impact that captive breeding has on wild lions were never even started.

“Since the last conference of the parties, an export quota of 800 skeletons a year was decided on without consultation. This needs to change,” Miles added.

For Klerck, creating this work of art was an honour.

“It was a tremendous honour to partner with Four Paws in creating awareness against the trade of lions.

‘‘I feel proud and extremely inspired to do my part by applying my skills to save the species,” she said.

The cake was donated to the Foodbank that will take it apart and distribute it to those in need.

Four Paws spokesperson Yvonne Venter said: “The exhibition was amazing, people could not believe it was a cake. It took 400 hours to complete.”

They have raised 35000 signatures so far. The petition can be found at lion-hunt