The entire Blaauwberg Hospital speaks of efficient and excellent management, says the writer. Photo: African News Agency (ANA)
I had an emergency regarding my wife, and on Friday at 6.30am I phoned the ambulance on 082911 - a useful number to memorise.

Blaauwberg Hospital is about 12km from my home, but they were here within 10 minutes or perhaps even less.

The paramedics were wonderful, and the nursing and medical staff at the emergency unit were friendly, efficient and supportive.

Everything went smoothly, from the very helpful staff at radiology (for an MRI scan) as well as the prompt attention received by the neurologist and cardiothoracic surgeons involved.

Most notable was the efficiency and good-natured help from the clerical and especially the nursing staff.

The pharmacy staff on site were friendly and efficient, as were the staff at reception.

The magnificent building with swooping spiral staircases and panoramic vistas in all directions was a feast for the eye and helped to quell my high levels of anxiety; even aided by a pleasant cafeteria with pleasant staff - a model for future hospitals?

The entire hospital speaks of efficient and excellent management.

I am deeply grateful for all the wonderful assistance rendered to my wife in a time of crisis.

Lastly, somebody told me that this hospital got a bit of a bad press three years ago. Whatever the trouble might have been then, there certainly is no vestige of that discernible today.

Ben Smit

Emeritus professor

(Oncology Stellenbosch)