File photo: ANA Pictures

The murder statistics are horrible – 52 people murdered a day, including young children.

What use is our constitution if murderers go free or spend little time in jail?

The renowned ones like Oscar Pistorius get treated favourably – six years for a cold-blooded murder. The rest  are never caught.

The police lose documents, so cases are dropped for lack of evidence.

Jacob Zuma keeps saying he will send the army to crime hot spots, but nothing happens.

A number of murders are committed by people who have murdered before.

Bring back the death penalty so that the criminals are put to death so at least they won’t be able to repeat the crime.

It is no use saying that civilised countries have banned the death penalty.

South Africa is nothing like a civilised country, as the crime statistics show.

If it were, people would not be raping and abusing small children, teenagers and defenceless women daily.

This is indeed a bloody republic, and until steps are taken to bring back the death penalty, it will remain so.

JM Chipkin

Cape Town