File photo: African News Agency (ANA) Archives
I am a third-year student journalist at CPUT. I am writing this letter about the most painful experience of exploitation by a company during the festive season.

I believe this is newsworthy. We had been hired by this company in the middle of the festive season while other people were enjoying themselves resting.

The job we were doing was a survey for two universities from first-world countries, Germany and Ireland.

We had to do a survey for these universities on how people perceive the political spectrum of the country around the election period.

We were paid less than R3 000 by this company that had been contracted and hired to conduct this survey.

I believe this company pocketed large sums of pounds or euros for doing this project.

It was so unfair for those who were out in the field as workers putting their bodies on the line working under dangerous circumstances in townships with devices that people there are so desperate to have

I am writing to appeal to whoever has a conscience to see to it that this company is brought to book for exploiting those of us who did the job so well.

This information will be going international, too, after exploiting those who gathered it.

Somebody should be held to account.

Unathi Makalima

Cape Town