Berg River Dam Picture: Armand Hough/African News Agency (ANA)
I refer to the article (about dam building) on the front page of the Cape Times on August 6.

In particular, the statement regarding calls to build another storage dam, which stated that “Such calls must recognise the limits and immaturity in monitoring and understanding of complex natural systems”.

This statement highlights the City’s low level of understanding and ineffectiveness in addressing the water issue in Cape Town; 99.9% of our water comes from existing dams.

The mountains surrounding Franschhoek have up to 900mm of rain per annum, much of which is not captured and runs out to sea.

It is not complex to understand that another dam or two would capture the required water for Cape Town.

But I see no energy from the City to get dams built.

If this attitude had prevailed decades ago, we would not have the existing dams upon which the City so direly depends for its water.

Please wake up and build more dams.

Concerned Capetonians