Members of the EFF at a recent rally in Chatsworth, KZN. Photo: Sibusiso Ndlovu / African News Agency (ANA)
Julius Malema’s recent vitriolic and condescending utterances regarding the Indian community are nothing short of mere generalisations. He is so predictable that many guessed that his narrative against the Indian community would never change.

The venom together with the bile he spews out constitute mere grandstanding as we progress towards the elections. The statements pouring out of Malema’s mouth regarding Indians have very little to do with capturing Indian voters but serve merely as a platform to recruit people to join him in disliking the Indian population.

An election rally is meant to attract potential voters to your party and not for them to leave the venue questioning the credibility and motives of the party representative.

Could this be a strategy by Julius to seek popularity as the election draws closer? The common dictum used is that no publicity is bad publicity.

Mere generalisations without being backed up by empirical evidence are extremely divisive, which works against social cohesion and lasting stability in a nation.

Generalisations not challenged head-on could move on to other race groups. A hater could very easily state that robberies, corruption, hijackings, theft and murder are perpetrated by a specific race. However, the veracity of what is being said is questionable and lacks authenticity.

The damming allegations shouted out by Julius against Indians constitute a flagrant attack on minorities in South Africa.

As to why Malema continues to verbally attack the Indian community with impunity is a topic for the social anthropologists to answer, or it could be as simple as he does not like Indians. 

That’s a question that is well worth pondering over if you have time. However, we wait in trepidation for the next rant by Julius as the election date draws closer.

Vijay Surujpal