Former president Jacob Zuma  File photo: GCIS
Former president Jacob Zuma File photo: GCIS

Not all were blind to Zuma's shenanigans

By Letter Time of article published Nov 30, 2018

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“Zuma’s time ‘a period of madness’ ” (November 29) refers.

Mosiuoa Lekota, in a letter to Gwede Mantashe, knowingly warned about the wrong turn the ANC was taking in supporting Jacob Zuma.

At all times, even now, Zuma has not been able to distinguish between wrong and right. He has always seen himself as a victim, more wronged against than wronging. This was widely known inside the ANC.

The formation of Cope was not out of disgruntlement as Baleka Mbete and a few others suggested. Her disparagement of Cope as Shikota showed her own blindness to what was being pointed out to her and others.

Those who formed Cope knew all too well the very wrong turn that the ANC had taken. They would rather divorce than be associated with the tsunami of corruption that was coming our way.

The fact that one man could have paralysed the ANC NEC, the cabinet and the ANC caucus must frighten all of us. The madness that overtook the ANC has left state-owned enterprises crippled and collapsing.

State debt has soared to R3 trillion, mainly as a result of Zuma creating an unconscionably large government to expand the patronage network.

Let us learn from our mistakes and let us clamour for electoral reform and an open-list proportional representation system. Nothing less should satisfy us. We have been wronged enough as a nation.

Farouk Cassim


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