Premier Helen Zille

I am writing to you in reference to Premier Helen Zille.

Everyone makes mistakes in life, we are not robots. The premier made a mistake and she has apologised to the country for this on national TV.

My advice to the premier is to stand down as premier. The reason I am saying this is that she has done so much good work for the DA , but no individual is greater than the party.

The premier is doing more harm to the party than good at the moment so, if she is sincere in her apology, then she should step down as she only has two more years left as premier. If she does not step down she becomes the same as the president. All the opposition parties, including some in his own party, are telling him to step down as he will bring a whole lot of problems to the ANC in the 2019 elections and they will not remain the ruling party.

The only difference between the president and the premier is she does not have any corruption and state capture charges pending.

Now the ANC are trying to put blame on her by saying that she used the DA to help her son start his own business. Next thing, they'll bring up another scandal for her to defend.

This is politics and now EFF leader Julius Malema is saying, if the DA does not suspend Zille as premier, they will not side with the DA come the 2019 elections. Malema is very bright and he is gathering support every day. He is sitting on the fence to see what the DA does on this issue.

If the DA does not suspend Zille, they will not win the next election.

They say you should retire when you are at the top in sport and I believe, if the premier does the correct thing and steps down, she will leave with a great legacy of being the person who led the party to power (if they succeed).

My advice to the premier is "do the right thing and step down" as you have done so much for the party.

If you believe in the DA, you can still be a member of the party as an ordinary citizen.

Mark Weiss

Sea Point