Cape Town 20-01-13- ANC 101 birthday celebrations at Phillippi ANC veteran Caroline Dunga (82) Picture Brenton Geach

Xolani Koyana

CAROLINE Dunga joined the ANC seven years before it was banned and has been through good times and bad with it. Her hope is that this year President Jacob Zuma will stamp out corruption.

“We don’t like what is happening, people killing themselves to get positions in the ANC. People should not be joining the party to get jobs, but want to join because they love the ANC and want to advance its values,” Dunga, who is the provincial deputy secretary of the ANC Veterans League, said yesterday at a rally in Philippi celebrating the ANC’s 101st birthday,

Asked about factions pulling the party in different directions, the 82-year-old pointed to a message on the back of an ANC T-shirt that read: “Comrades, let us not divide the ANC.”

She said: “We in the Veterans League think that if comrades can unite and be disciplined, this can build the ANC.”

Dunga said the newly elected leadership should consolidate the party’s support nationwide and provide education and jobs for the youth and housing for the poor. She also wanted the party to look after its veterans and senior citizens.

Dunga joined the ANC as an activist opposed to the arresting of women who had moved from the Transkei. She was detained several times for refusing to reveal underground ANC operations.

“I was harassed quite a lot by the police because I was always in the front line at protests against the state. Back then things were really tough and the ANC was the home in which we could seek cover.”

Dunga was deployed in Mdantsane, East London, when the ANC was unbanned. Despite its divisions, she thinks the ANC will lead South Africans as it did in the past.

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