STYLE: Zaki Ibrahim is one of the judges, with six prizes up for grabs.

IF YOU’RE an aspiring songwriter, don’t miss your chance to enter the second Sanlam Sing ’it lyric-writing competition, which closes on December 21.

This year’s competition sees the prize for the winning lyric increased to R50 000. South Africans aged 18 and older are invited to submit their original lyrics.

A partnership between Sanlam, Litnet and MK (DStv channel 324), the competition involves six local artists and bands who will handle the first round of judging – and compose songs, using their favourite lyrics.

Tumi and the Volume, Louise Carver, Zinkplaat, Zaki Ibrahim, ekhouvanjou,okay! and 3rd World Spectator will also promote the competition through social media.

Selected entries will be published on LitNet and the bands and artists will select their favourites, compose and record a song from them. Five of the chosen lyrics will be awarded R5 000.

The six songs will be available on Facebook and then the track with the most votes will be announced winner of the R50 000 prize. The winning song will then be turned into a music video featuring the writer.

“It’s great to see this collaboration between South African artists and the people that support them,” says project manager Gerdus Senekal.

“The fan’s role in the music industry is perhaps too often understated. The entries that have been published so far are of impressive quality. There’s definitely a lot of creative energy in this country.”

Last year’s competition attracted more than 1 600 entries, and the winner was Pierre Smith’s Die Ouer Ek, which was chosen by Dans Dans Lisa.

The Afrikaans duo was joined on the panel by Karen Zoid, Jax Panik, DJ Cleo, Bittereinder, iScream & the Chocolate Stix, Niskerone & SFR, Dance, You’re on Fire and HHP. – Arts writer

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