Cape Town 05-02 -13 -Skateboarder Decio Lourenco (24) who was caught speeding by the Kloof Neck camera Picture Brenton Geach

Zara Nicholson

Metro Writer


A DARING Cape Town skateboarder has caused a buzz, with a YouTube video of him apparently triggering a speed camera while whizzing down Kloof Nek Road going viral.

Decio Lourenco, 24, from Tamboerskloof has been hailed as a “legend” on numerous blogs after his Spoofing the cam-Kloof Nek video spread through social networks.

The graphic design student said his top speed down Kloof Nek Road was 110km/h, recorded with a GPS device fitted to one of his feet.

The world record speed for a downhill skateboarder is 130km/h, held by Mischo Erban from Canada.

Lourenco and close friend Andrè Roux posted the video on YouTube about a week ago showing him speeding down Kloof Nek Road and setting off the camera in the 60km/h zone.

It was filmed from a camera mounted on Roux’s car bumper. Viewers can see Lourenco passing oncoming cars in the opposite lane just metres away.

The video has also led to a debate on social network sites on whether the speed camera caught Lourenco on the skateboard or Roux’s car.

“I’ve gone down Kloof Nek many times at speeds between 70 and 80km/h and the camera has never caught me. It probably picked up the weight of the car and went off, but one hundred percent it did not catch me,” Lourenco said.


“The reason you see me getting stoked in the video is because I have done that so many times and the camera has never gone off,” Lourenco said.

He had also filmed himself going down Kloof Nek holding a camera with a pole and had not triggered the camera.

Lourenco, who has been skating since the age of 16, said: “I don’t need to compete to enjoy skating, it’s more just about me getting on my board and feeling free. I love that feeling of gravity soaking me in.”

Eebin van den Bergh, the South African representative of the International Gravity Sports Association, said it was not clear if Lourenco had set off the speed camera.

“I have spoken to some people in the skating community who said if he was travelling at a speed of 70km/h then he would’ve set it off and that speed is definitely possible for downhill skaters,” he said.

Mayco member for safety and security JP Smith said Lourenco was a “case in point” of reckless skaters.

“It is illegal for him to be on a public road, unless the road is designated for skating. With that speed he proves the point that skaters are reckless. If we find him, we won’t fine him, we will compel him to appear in court,” Smith said.

Commenting on concerns from the public, Lourenco said: “I don’t want any negativity about skating or for people to hate skateboarders. Cyclists are allowed on the roads and we aren’t. I can be just as safe as a cyclist if not safer”

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