Picture: Ian Landsberg/African News Agency (ANA)
It is a myth that the All Blacks playing in Cape Town is the equal of a home game for the New Zealanders. Equally, it is a myth that the Crusaders in Cape Town is also as good as a home game.

Newlands is home to the Stormers in Super Rugby and the Springboks when they play Test rugby in Cape Town. The support within the stadium also reflects this.

There is support for the All Blacks and Crusaders among Cape-based rugby lovers. But the support of the Kiwi Super Rugby and Test side is in the minority when weighted against the overwhelming backing the Stormers and Springboks get from rugby fans in Cape Town.

This minority support base of the Crusaders has been hyped over the years and exaggerated. The fact that the Crusaders fans in Cape Town have been so vocal has created a perception that the numbers are greater.

There were also ugly incidents at Newlands some years back between Cape-based fans of the Stormers and Crusaders and one fight in particular when a fan wearing a Stormers jersey knocked out a woman who had been aligned to a group supporting the Crusaders.

The ugly scenes resulted in infamy for the clan dubbed the "Cape Crusaders". It’s an infamy this small pocket of thugs didn’t deserve because there are many Crusaders' supporters in Cape Town who don’t subscribe to this kind of behaviour.

There are many rugby lovers in Cape Town who support the Stormers and Crusaders because of patriotism and also because they appreciate the brand of rugby the Crusaders have always played.

Some have attempted to hype this weekend’s Super Rugby clash between the Stormers and Crusaders for all the wrong reasons.

Social media platforms and sectors of the mainstream media have predictably taken aim at this supposedly divided rugby province’s supporters. It’s nonsense.

For every Crusaders supporter there’s 100 Stormers supporters. For every All Blacks fan there’s 100-plus Springbok fans in Cape Town.

The love of the Crusaders is not exclusive to Cape Town. It’s global because those who appreciate quality in a rugby player and team appreciate the kind of rugby the Crusaders have always played.

I’ve never understood the anger it evokes among so many South African rugby supporters that people who live in South Africa would want to support an overseas team. Surely, it’s freedom of choice who you enjoy watching.

The Crusaders success in winning nine Super Rugby titles is why so many sing their praises.

The story this week and tomorrow is about the team playing the Stormers and not a minority of Cape Town fans who make a big noise in supporting them.

Keohane is an award-winning sports journalist and the head of sport at Independent Media