VINE LAND: The Holden Manz Wine Estate is well-known for its ros�, shiraz, merlot, port and its own Big G.


Estate lies among the towering

Franschhoek mountains - and a

river runs through it.

This makes the estate one of the

best settings for what one should be

doing in the Cape summer: having a


The 22ha estate (formerly known

as Kleingenot) lies next to the

Franschhoek and Stony Brook


Picnic spots are situated along

their banks and lakes on large

grassy areas which lie in the shade

of towering oak trees.

Picnic baskets with all the

necessary crockery and glasses can

be purchased at the restaurant, but

be sure to bring your own blanket.

The romance on display could

not be subdued and as the rain

clouds swept in, we were relocated

to the beautiful Franschhoek

Kitchen restaurant which offers

fresh, tasty local dishes and great


Chef Maryna Frederiksen will

soon have you coming back for

more of her wholesome and

flavourful fare.

The picnic spread consisted of

an assortment of brie, feta and olive

cheeses, succulent beef kebabs,

savoury mushroom quiches, liver

and salmon pâtés, olives, soft

homemade breads and a crisp salad

complete with lettuce, baby

tomatoes, carrots, peppers and red


At R160 a person it was an

absolute bargain for the quality of

the food it held.

At an extra cost your favourite

bottle of Holden Manz wine can be

added. The estate is well-known for

its rosé, shiraz, merlot, port and its

own premium blend, "Big G".

A tour of the cellar below the

restaurant, through wine casket filled

rooms, was an unexpected

surprise, as the resident wine

expert, John, explained to us the

manufacturing procedure and the

state-of-the-art equipment used to

produce their signature flavours.

The Holden Manz Wine Estate

picnic was a treat, and it was great

to have the choice of either enjoying

the sunshine in the vineyards or the

relaxing ambience of the

restaurant. - Liesl van der Schyff