Free-roaming agreement a major step for Ghana and Liberia



Published Jun 6, 2024


Liberia and Ghana are in talks to implement a free-roaming agreement, allowing travellers to use their phones at local rates in both countries.

This is a major step towards fulfilling a 2017 Economic Community of West African States (Ecowas) regulation that encourages member states to reduce roaming charges.

Currently, travellers between Liberia and Ghana often rely on internet calling apps like WhatsApp, requiring a smartphone and data plan. With free roaming, they won't need a local SIM card and can simply use their existing phone number for calls and data.

The agreement would involve collaboration between Liberian and Ghanaian mobile carriers to ensure cost-effective implementation. While Liberia's telecom authority pushed for the Ecowas regulation in 2020, slow progress has been attributed to a lack of bilateral engagement among countries.

Liberia's telecom authority is currently in Ghana finalising a preliminary agreement, marking the country's first free-roaming partnership. This is seen as a significant step towards a more connected telecommunications landscape in the region.

Officials are optimistic about future discussions with other Ecowas countries to expand free roaming across the region.