Durban - Serial rapist Dingindawo Jojisa, 62, looked confused as he walked slowly to the dock with his back hunched in the Durban High Court on Tuesday.

He had expected to be sentenced for six counts of rape, attempted murder and assault with intent to cause grievous bodily harm - crimes he committed between 2010 and 2014.

He lured women desperate for employment to the sugar cane plantations in Mount Edgecombe on the pretext that they would work for his boss who lived in the area.

Instead he overpowered, assaulted and raped them.

According to the indictment, Jojisa - a construction worker - was always dressed in blue overalls when he committed the crimes.

His victims believed he was going to or coming from work, and trusted him when he told them that his boss was looking for a woman to work in his house.

Jojisa continued his crime spree for years, and although his victims opened cases at the nearby Phoenix police station, it took years for police to discover that there was a serial rapist on the loose.


The first victim, a woman originally from the Eastern Cape, only opened a case a year after the incident.

This made it hard for the investigation to conclude that the rapes were committed by the same man.

Sergeant Nazaren Naidoo finally made the link when he came across Jojisa’s file at the holding cells where he had been kept before appearing for another rape case in the Verulam Magistrate’s Court.

“The name Jojisa rang a bell. I realised that it was the suspect in a rape case I had been investigating for some time.

“I checked his details and they all corresponded with that of a suspect I had been looking for,” Naidoo said.

He was able to link him to other cases opened at the same police station.

Naidoo said investigations found that Jojisa had used the same modus operandi when he committed the crimes.

“His victims were women desperate for jobs; they came from the Eastern Cape and the scene of crime was the same.

“The women described his blue overalls,” he said.

“The DNA taken from the condoms collected from the scenes matched his and he was positively linked to all the six cases of rape,” Naidoo said.

Jojisa was convicted of the crimes last week in the absence of his victims who had all left the province after the attacks.


Naidoo said Jojisa was allegedly linked to more rape cases during the trial, but they could not be added to the docket because the high court case was still in progress.

More charges would be opened against him at a separate trial.

Yesterday, his wife and daughter were in court.

The matter was adjourned to December 13 for sentencing because the judge presiding in the matter was unavailable.

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