Pick n Pay staff will be on-hand to assist customers this 2018 Mandela Day Food Drive Collection Weekend taking place from 13 – 15 July across the country. The food donated will then be transported to various packing events on Mandela Day (18 July) before being delivered to over 600 FoodForward SA beneficiaries

Durban - uShaka Marine World will make 5000 sandwiches for those in need on Mandela Day, July 18. 

Steven J Brown said they would honour Madiba's birthday by taking #actionagainstpoverty. Brown said the sandwiches will be donated to the needy. 

In addition, uShaka has partnered with Wimpy, Ntenga NGO and Know Your City, who would do a soup kitchen at two creches in the Point area. The St Vincent’s Children’s Home in Mariannhill would spend the day at uShaka. 

For Pick 'n Pay and FoodForward South Africa, the aim would be to collect 250 tonnes of food over three days to provide over a million meals. 

The retail giant is encouraging South Africans to unite to reach this goal.

“The reality in our country today is that millions continue to go to bed hungry every day,” says Suzanne Ackerman-Berman, director of transformation at Pick 'n Pay. 

Last year, the inaugural food drive donation were just over half a million meals.

"We want to double that this year," said Ackerman-Berman. 

The food drive collection weekend, which begins from Friday (July 13) until July 15 (Sunday) will see various food collection bins being placed in over 500 Pick n Pay stores across the country. 

“While any and all non-perishable items are welcome, we have provided 14 discounted products, in association with our suppliers. 

"Customers are encouraged to buy any of these products and drop them in the collection bin," said Ackerman-Berman.

 The food list items include rice, maize meal, spaghetti, samp and beans, lentils, pilchards, tuna, long life milk, oats, jam, peanut butter, cooking oil, sugar and salt.

All donated goods from centrally located stores will be packed into trucks and taken to the packing event venues for sorting by volunteers on Mandela Day before they are distributed to the respective FoodForward SA beneficiaries.

“Pick n Pay has a longstanding relationship with FoodForward SA. We’ve donate approximately 2 000 tonnes of surplus food each year for redistribution to hundreds of community organisations. This has seen the distribution of more than eight million meals a year, but much more is needed for the fight against hunger.”

FoodForward SA’s managing director, Andy Du Plessis says, “The food donations are distributed over six months, ensuring that we are able to provide our beneficiaries with a varied basket of nutritious foods.

Nelson Mandela said that the ‘greatest gift in life is the gift of giving’ and the greatest sentiment is that feeling when you’ve made someone else’s heart happy. “All South Africans have the ability to do that this Mandela Day.

-  Take part in the national Mandela Day Food Drive from 13 – 15 July 2018 in any participating Pick n Pay store by:

o    Purchase a high priority non-perishable item and drop it into the branded donation box

o    Volunteer your 67 minutes for Mandela and help with the collection effort in-store

o    Make a cash donation at the till point

o    Donate your Smart Shopper points to FoodForward SA by selecting "Donate points to charity" on the app or at the kiosk in-store, and selecting FoodForward SA as the beneficiary

  Corporate packing event on Mandela Day, 18 July: Take part in one of the nationwide packing events to sort donated groceries into food parcels.