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Public transport: we’re at their mercy

<!--PSTYLE=hed_95H 64pt-->With our appalling road safety record and standards, stepping into public transport is very much like putting your life in someone else's hands. And since public liability insurance is a luxury few passengers are afforded, their only recourse is the RAF

16 May 2016 | Consumer

Still making a mint out of Mandela

<!--PSTYLE=hed_95H 64pt-->'Get-rich-quick' schemes are not only rife, they're dangerous. Especially if you gamble on buying 'rare' collector's coins which turn out to be anything but...

9 May 2016 | Consumer

Pension theft: how low can you go?

<!--PSTYLE=hed_95H 64pt-->Illegal deductions from Social Security Agency grant beneficiaries are rife; for now, pensioners should keep a close eye on their statements, writes Georgina Crouth

18 April 2016 | Consumer

Bread price to soar

<!--PSTYLE=hed_65H 28pt-->Yet another spike in food prices is about to hit South African consumers already buckling under the pressure of expensive fruit, vegetables and dairy products

11 April 2016 | Consumer

Don’t chance it with a home rental

<!--PSTYLE=hed_95H 64pt-->Renting a property shouldn't put you and your property at risk, which is why you have every right to ask to see electrical compliance certificates for peace of mind

11 April 2016 | Consumer