Durban - Phoenix was one of the hardest hit suburbs when it came to hijacking. 

While Isipingo has in previous years claimed the unwanted hijacking hotspot, Phoenix recorded a 62,9 percent increase in carjacking in the recent crime statistics. 

There were 101 incidents of carjacking compared to 62 cases recorded in the previous year. 

Daily News has looked at seven suburbs in KwaZulu Natal - Phoenix, Chatsworth, Isipingo, Pinetown, Pietermaritzburg, Westville, and Sydenham. 

And while Westville was once known as residential burglary capital, it has decreased by 23, 6. 

A burglary is when no one is home. 

The number of reported cases decreased from 406 - 310. 

Westville also recorded a decrease in murder, house robbery, and car jacking. There were only 7 reported carjackings in comparison to 117 recorded in Pinetown. 

Incidents of drug-related crime increased in Westville, Pietermaritzburg, Chatsworth, and Isipingo. 

National Police spokesman Vish Naidoo said an increase in drug-related crime was good, as it showed that more cases were being reported and that police were dealing with the crime.

This is similarly the case for drunken driving and recovering of illegal firearms, Naidoo said. 

While the murder rate decreased in most suburbs, Sydenham and Isipingo increased marginally. 

Pinetown had the highest number of house burglary, recorded at 822.

Drug-related crime decreased in Phoenix from 2184 cases reported to 1040. 

Mountain Rise in Pietermaritzburg had three more cases of house robberies reported. It increased from 47- 50. 

Carjacking in the sleepy hollow decreased by 27 percent. 

Daily News