#Crimestats: 'We are not safe in our own homes, in our cars, and on the streets', says CPF

By Jolene Marriah - Maharaj Time of article published Sep 11, 2018

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Durban - Despite what the crime statistics say there is general fear among civilians. 

That's the view of Satish Dhupelia, communications officer, for the Sydenham Community Policing Forum. 
"We are not safe in our own homes, in our cars, and on the streets. 

Latest crime statistics were released on Tuesday. Graphic: Jolene Marriah - Maharaj

"We have seen no constructive measure from the government to actually combat these issues.

"Talk to the man on the street, the general consensus is that we are living in a country that is crime-ridden."

Dhupelia said more visible policing was needed.

"We need more policeman to be recruited, and we need better infrastructure and technology at all police stations. 

Speaking about the decrease in case of residential burglaries in the Sydenham area, Dhupelia said that many had lost faith in the justice system and did not report these cases to police. 

Jakes Singh, Chairman of the Chatsworth CPF, said it was a relief that major crimes in Chatsworth had decreased. 

"This is due to the crime awareness projects that we continually run. 

"The establishment of street watches, neighbourhood watches, and Whatsapp crime awareness groups, has created citizen awareness."

Residential burglary decreased from 935 - 648 cases. 

"This is due to active patrollers in the areas. Sometimes 24 hours a day and criminals are aware of this."

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