Durban girl, 7, stabbed with fork, pushed down embankment by bullies

By ZAINUL DAWOOD Time of article published Mar 19, 2018

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Durban - A Durban father is in shock after hearing that his 7-year-old daughter was stabbed on her knee, and in a separate incident, pushed down an embankment by bullies.

The father cannot be named to protect the identify of his daughter.

The father said his daughter, a Grade 2 pupil at a south Durban primary school, had taken ill last Monday and was diagnosed with a psychosomatic disorder.

She told him she had been stabbed on the knee with a metal table fork, on two separate occasions, by a boy in the school, a month ago.

Last Wednesday, the boy’s friends removed her belt from her waist, tied it around her legs and then pushed her down an embankment.

“She was bullied by a group of eight to nine boys from the same grade. My daughter was told by the boy that if she told me, he would get his father to come with his gun to sort me out.

“This led to my daughter being silent. We only found out about the bullying once it escalated to my child being stabbed with a fork,” the father said.

“The principal is now covering up their failure to assist by inciting the bullies’ parents, saying that she is protecting the bullies from me because I went to the school to gather up the bullies with the aid of the teachers,” he added.

The father said he spoke to pupils in the class and appealed to them not to be afraid and speak to their parents if they were bullied. The father said the tactic of the bully was to scare the victim.

Andre de Bruin, an activist, said he would take on the matter, and would ensure that appropriate action was taken so that it did not happen to other children.

“I am astonished. We are dealing with babies here. The school management, in general, sweep incidents like this under the carpet. We need help because this affects every school,” De Bruin said.

The father said he wanted to bring an end to bullying by encouraging pupils to speak out. He said the school had met with some of the boys’ parents on Friday.

The parents denied that their sons were involved until they heard his daughter speak.

“Today (Monday) I am trying to secure a place at another school for my daughter. I believe one of the boys has also been transferred,” the father said.

Kwazi Mthethwa, Department of Education spokesperson, said district officials were looking into the matter.

“We do not condone school bullying and once investigations have been undertaken the necessary steps will be taken to address the matter,” he said.

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