Former LotusFM presenter Vikash Mathura
Durban - Former Lotus FM presenter Vikash Mathura, the co-creator of the Bala and Peru comedy show, showed little emotion when his part-heard trial resumed on Monday.

Mathura - who faces charges of fraud or alternatively theft - appeared in the Johannesburg Commercial Crimes Court, which on Monday sat in the Johannesburg Magistrate’s Court because of power failures at the former court.

The 43-year-old appeared expressionless throughout the court proceedings.

Currently on R5 000 bail, Mathura is accused of billing Ellerines Furniture an amount of R887467.20 to his personal company, Shasim Entertainment Enterprises cc (SEE), a charge that he denied.

It is alleged in 2009, Mathura was deputy managing executive of the Beares brand, now liquidated, and was promoted in 2010 to group marketing executive.

Mathura was dismissed by the company in July 2012.

According to the State, Mathura declared to Ellerines Furnishers that he was a freelance radio announcer and he started offering voice-over services to the plaintiff (Ellerines) and requested to be invoiced, through his company, Shasim Entertainment.

According to Matthew Wilcock of Ellerines, who was cross-examined yesterday, Mathura over-charged the furniture company for his services and allegedly falsified invoices.

Ellerines then requested invoices from Mathura and was suspicious when he refused.

Wilcock said after Mathura’s reaction, he contacted the SABC for invoices and only realised after comparing the invoices Mathura had issued him with the ones from the SABC, that Mathura was over-charging them.

Advocate JG Dobie, acting for Ellerines, earlier alleged Mathura had over-charged for the advertisements, which were flighted on LotusFM.

“On April 1, 2011, the defendant (Mathura) declared that he would provide voice-over services to the plaintiff. He stated he had received beneficial advertising and sponsorship rates from LotusFM, that he would pass these benefits on to Ellerines, that such work would be invoiced through SEE and that none of such commissioned work would be for his personal gain,” he said in court papers.

The trial was postponed to October 19 and 20.

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