Mayor Zandile Gumede

Durban - The Democratic Alliance in eThekwini has again noted with dismay the "lackadaisical" attitude of the ANC Mayor Zandile Gumede in not holding executive committee meetings.

Once a respected and regular meeting to discuss executive decisions and the running of the city, exco has now been reduced to a political sideshow. This after Mayor Gumede on Tuesday again canceled a meeting that was meant to take place this Tuesday. It’s not for the first time Gumede has done this, with weeks sometimes running between meetings.

DA exco members, Heinz de Boer and Sharon Hoosen, said it was hard to believe the ANC had a proper grip on city affairs when meetings were frequently cancelled.

“How one runs a city when you don’t meet with the executive is beyond us. There is quite clearly a lack of leadership in the structures of the ANC, and this is now filtering down to crucial committee meetings,” de Boer said.

Hoosen said Gumede’s “draconian” and “autocratic” leadership style also did nothing to further exco business.

“We have a Mayor who thinks she is an executive mayor, leaves little room for debate, and generally overplays her hand. I’m quite surprised that with the national leadership changes she has not been recalled by her party. It’s quite obvious that she and her councilors are incapable of sticking to timetables,” Hoosen said.

Mthunzi Gumede, Mayor Gumede’s spokesperson said he thought the executive meeting was rescheduled but did not know the reason for that.

Mdu Nkosi, Inkatha Freedom Party councilor said the cancellation of meetings was not the way to keep “healthy way” healthy working relationship.

“We are full-time councilors so we should be present all the time. I believe there was no quorum, hence the cancellation. Obviously, there were many ANC councilors who could not make it, and since they are the majority a quorum could not be met,” Nkosi said.  

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