Gugu Zulu and his wife, Letshego, and their daughter, Lelethu. Letshego has vowed to continue with their plan to climb Kilimanjaro this year. Her husband died last year trying to summit Africa’s tallest mountain.

DURBAN - The wife of former racing driver Gugu Zulu, who died last year while climbing Mount Kilimanjaro, said she would try to climb the mountain this year to continue the work they began.
Letshego Zulu told the Daily News’s sister paper, Isolezwe, about her plans to try to climb Africa’s tallest mountain when she was in Durban at the weekend.

Gugu was one of more than 40 climbers trying to summit the mountain as part of Nelson Mandela Day projects. The couple was raising funds for sanitary towels for girls.

“I am going back to complete what my husband and I started. I am the type of person who finishes what they started.”

“The reason Gugu and I went to Kilimanjaro was to help young girls get sanitary towels. As parents of a baby girl, this is something that deeply touches us. Since I am a person who is in the spotlight, there are people who expect me to carry on with the work Gugu and I did,” Letshego said.

The couple have a 2-year-old daughter, Lelethu.

Letshego said it was difficult for her to carry on without her husband because they had always been together.

She recently revealed her husband had multiple jobs to ensure the family was provided for.

Letshego said she had learned a great deal from Gugu.

“I have known him since we were 15 years old. He went through some rough times. He was a person who would not give up easily and would always pick himself up from any setback. This is what I learnt from him so I will persevere, no matter how difficult it is.”

She said she had stored Gugu’s belongings to show her daughter one day what a hero her father was.

Letshego, who begins her ascent on Kilimanjaro on Wednday, was in the city because she is one of the founders of Pop Up Gym, where people exercise in an outdoor area with music playing in the background.

She said one of the reasons behind the gym initiative was to show that one could exercise anywhere, and also to fight obesity, particularly among children.

She also spoke about people who criticised her for what they saw as an unusual way of mourning after she spoke at her husband’s funeral and appeared on a television show soon after her husband’s death.

“I don’t pay attention to the people who criticise me and I don’t even want to talk about my mourning.

“Everyone has their way of mourning and I have my own way of mourning Gugu. I will not pay attention to people who criticise me and they will not dictate how I mourn,” Letshego said.

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