Durban Metro Police conduct a roadblock. Motorists are allowed to ask questions at a roadblock but refusing to hand over your drivers license could land you in hot water. Photo ANA PICS
Durban - People caught posting warnings about city roadblocks on social media will be arrested and charged with defeating the ends of justice.

And if you are stopped at a roadblock, you are allowed to ask the police officer why they are holding the roadblock.

However, refusing to show your driving licence to the officer may get you in hot water.

This is according to Steve Middleton, acting head of metro police, who was commenting about roadblocks being set up in the city.

He said if motorists felt uncomfortable at any point during a roadblock, they could ask for assistance from another policeman or request to speak to the officer in charge of the operation.

Last month, Mayor Zandile Gumede launched Operation Khuculul’iTheku (Clean Up), a citywide clean-up project. This sought to tackle problems of crime and grime within the municipality.

Middleton said the roadblocks and stop-and-searches were being run in conjunction with the clean-up.

Since last month, 405 drivers have been arrested for drunk driving. Almost 11 000 more were nabbed for flouting city by-laws, while more than 44 500 people were arrested for various other traffic offences.

“Operations effectively started on October 6 and have been ongoing. This is because driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs is a cause for concern. This results in increased collisions, fatalities and injuries, thus the execution of crime-combating operations for Operation Back to Basics Safer Festive Season commenced to address road safety,” Middleton said.

He said roadblocks were supposed to be set up in a safe and efficient manner.

“Provision will be made to minimise delays to road traffic; however the objective of the roadblock will not be compromised,” Middleton said.

He encouraged the public to be compliant with police officers at a roadblock.

“Drivers are allowed to ask about the purpose of the roadblock. The roadblock authority allows the officer to request to search the vehicle in the presence of the driver. When asked for their licence card, a driver cannot refuse to display it,” Middleton said.

The support of the public was always needed at roadblocks, but Middleton said those who took to social media to tip off their friends about the location of roadblocks would be charged.

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