Durban - The agony of a little rape victim and that of her family have come under the spotlight after a relative complained about the case to a host of government departments.

On Monday, the complainant - the raped girl’s aunt - said that a KwaZulu-Natal South Coast police investigator was now keeping her in the loop and was showing the family the compassion that had previously been lacking.

The 4-year-old girl was allegedly raped in March last year and had to have stitches after the attack, her aunt said.

“There is no doubt that she was raped and has suffered emotional trauma. She was abducted at night and discovered at about 2am the following day,” she said.

A neighbour was arrested and imprisoned pending the start of a trial after the allegations.

But in September, the case was struck off the roll “awaiting DNA test results”, the Director of Public Prosecutions, advocate Moipone Noko, said in response to questions about the matter from the Daily News.

However, the concerned aunt has complained to the National Prosecuting Authority, the provincial police and police investigators on the South Coast, as well as to the Ministry of Women and to Parliament. She said she had recently learnt that the DNA results had proved inconclusive.

The alleged rapist was released from prison in October last year and the aunt claimed that he, and not the police, told the family that he was out.

He had “started gloating about how he had been wrongly accused of rape”, and took the family to the Tribal Court where the induna banned the family from mentioning the word “rape”.

The girl and her father were forced to relocate because of the constant disdain from the community.

Determined to fight for justice for her young niece, the aunt sent off a long list of e-mails complaining about the lack of feedback from the authorities and saying how she felt the police looked on the victim as “just a case number”.

She said yesterday that further DNA testing would now be carried out on another item of the victim’s clothing, which has not been washed since the rape.

“This item of clothing was collected by the police last week. We have to wait for the results and who knows how long that will take? It all takes its toll on the family.

“I also think that the police should organise a line-up.”

Noko added in her response that: “The case docket is now with SAPS who are busy with investigations and will return it to us to decide thereon when investigations are concluded.”

Daily News