Internationally renowned Durban artists leaving his mark on city buildings

By Latoya Newman Time of article published Jun 29, 2018

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Durban - The popular artist and illustrator known as Resoborg has returned home after leaving his mark in Strasburg, Virginia, in the US, as part of an arts programme.

This is the latest from his international collection, having completed murals in New York, Finland and New Zealand.

Resoborg was commissioned to paint the mural by the Staufferstadt Arts programme, an initiative in Strasburg to uplift the community, revitalise the town and inspire the youth.

The Kloof-based artist’s mural, named Sonner’s Sonnet, is a depiction of one of the potters who lived in Strasburg in the 1800s. The town was at one stage known as “Pot Town” because of the large ceramics industry there.

Resoborg said like any town, Strasburg faced its own challenges, with many youth leaving for bigger cities in search of work opportunities.

His hope is that the mural inspires the youth and the local community to “dream big and shape the town as a potter would with his art”.

“The pot also features the ‘Seven Bends’, the famous river that runs through the town and surrounding area. The river, which curves seven times, was sculpted by a series of geological processes spanning hundreds of millions of years.

“This shape on the pot in the mural represents determinism and patience for locals to hold true in overcoming adversity and creating a meaningful existence in their town and community,” he said.

With more than 10 years of experience he has made a name for himself locally and globally with his large-scale murals and art pieces, recognisable by their bright colours, clean lines and subtle messages of hope and upliftment.

“My intention for most of my murals is to have a positive message in some way, with an African aesthetic.

“I don’t use spray paint so much because of my influence of local African signage that you’ll see in African street barbershops, one of the biggest influences in my artwork.

“I hope to highlight different facets of African culture and sometimes nature and celebrate it with a fresh perspective.

“One of my recent commissions was for Queens College in New York that celebrates the Taxi Dance, which is a local dance that mimics the taxi driver. I’d like my work to resonate with local people, to look past their daily existence and to inspire them.”

Resoborg has created more than 40 murals across KwaZulu-Natal. Examples are to be seen on the outside of the new Starbucks building in Florida Road, at Station Drive, just off Umgeni Road, and at the Cartwright Taxi Rank (it’s a 44m-long mural) at the end of Umgeni Road.

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