Mayor Zandile Gumede.
Mayor Zandile Gumede.

Letter: Madam Mayor, rein in unruly protesters

By Letter Time of article published May 10, 2019

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Letter- It is a sad indictment on the mayor, the municipal manager and all those who purport to run this now not-so-beautiful city that no decisive action was taken as the marauding municipal workers redecorated our streets with filth and garbage - garbage also being an apt term to describe their behaviour.

Whatever the cause of a protest may be, there is a level of human decency and decorum which should not be breached.

But alas, it is obvious that for these criminals, there is only one way of showing dissatisfaction: decorate the city with garbage and make your point.

I believe decisive and strong action by the authorities was needed, but with a lame and sitting duck mayor in place, what does one expect?

At some point a lesson must be taught to those who believe that their rights are above those of others and that they are above the law.

We are at the end of our tether with protesters believing that they rule when they are in motion, but the rule of law and the rights of those not involved in such protests must be respected.

Mayor Zandile Gumede needs to do what is necessary.

This is not about politics; this is about the decent and law-abiding citizens of this city.

Wake up, Madam Mayor. Make yourself useful - for once!

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