Scott Joubert at Plant Collectors Nursery in Queensburgh wrote in to share images of the many bromeliads in his home garden.

They are the perfect addition to a summer garden. Many have ornamental foliage and long-lasting blooms. There are more than 3 000 species of the plant, most of which come from South America, but the most well-known is the pineapple.

Other members resemble aloe, grass and yuccas. They grow in a variety of conditions and, because of small scales (not always visible) on their leaves, are able to absorb and hold water.

According to the International Bromeliad Society, these plants entered the historical record books when Columbus introduced the pineapple to Spain upon his return from the New World in 1493.

On that voyage he found the plant being cultivated in the West Indies. Originally only found in botanical gardens or the private greenhouses of wealthy Europeans, their popularity has spread to the masses. Today they are easily available with stunning hybrids to choose from.

These plants are inexpensive, easy to grow and require little care.