by Lee Child (Random House Struik, R215)

Child really can’t churn these out fast enough for Jack Reacher fans.

Ex-military cop and now the man who wanders the US with nothing more than a disposable toothbrush (sometimes), Reacher has become one of the best-loved heroes in fiction.

Obviously, he’s tall, handsome, super-smart and deadly to bad guys. Women fall in love him wherever he goes, and men envy him. But if they have bad intentions, watch out because Reacher always gets his man.

This time he hitches a lift with what appear at first to be three colleagues: two men and a woman. But as he settles in for the ride, he realises that there is much more to this trio than first appearances suggest. Adding to his doubts about his travelling companions are a series of very serious-looking roadblocks and Reacher figures something big and bad has or is going down.

Not being one to shy away from doing the right thing, Reacher soon finds himself at the heart of a far-reaching terror plot and trying his best to escape the clutches of the law who doubt he is on their side.

Another winner. Now when’s the next one? – Lindsay Slogrove