These are some of the books our books editor received recently. They may be reviewed later

Fifty Shades

by EL James (Random House Struik, R125 per book)

The Fifty Shades trilogy has been described as “romantic, liberating and totally addictive”.

The novels promise to “obsess you, possess you and stay with you forever”.

The trilogy centres on the destructive, yet totally gripping love affair between Anastasia Steele and Christian Grey.

Anastasia is a literature student when she first meets Christian.

Their first meeting is a disaster and pretty much sets the scene for the rest of their encounters.

But the deep attraction they feel finds them seeking each other out – determined to be together.

Christian’s dark secrets, kept hidden from public view, are a constant threat to their relationship and the three books deal with their fight to be together.

The Fifty Shades trilogy promises to be a love story with many twists and turns – where nothing turns out as you expect.


Khalil’s Journey

by Ashraf Kagee (Jacana)

Khalil is born in 1903 in South Africa.

The high moments in his life include a trip to India, his wedding night and an evening spent with the Black Pimpernel.

Other than these three events, he is very much an ordinary man, leading an ordinary life that is mostly concerned with keeping his family fed and happy.

But as he enters his twilight years Khalil learns that his life’s journey offers more than enough important lessons and occurrences.

Ashraf Kagee offers the story of an ordinary man but through him gives voice and space to the Cape Malay and Indian cultures that have been ignored and even forgotten by history.

Khalil’s Journey is a book I am definitely not going to ignore.


The Midwife of Venice

by Roberta Rich (Random House Struik, R115)

Hannah Levi is a famed midwife in Venice. But as a Jew, she is forbidden by law from attending to a Christian woman.

Then one night the Conte di Padovani appears at her door, demanding her services.

He offers a handsome reward – enough to ransom back her imprisoned husband.

The gamble is to save the mother and child in her care. If she doesn’t the consequences will be tragic.


Battle for the President’s Elephants

by Sharon Pincott (Jacana)

For more than a decade Sharon Pincott has lived in the Hwange bush among the Presidential Elephants of Zimbabwe.

They are a celebrated clan of wild elephants and she has devoted her life to protecting them.

This book follows on her previous one – The Elephants and I – and is a collection of bush tales that offers a glimpse into her life with these majestic animals.

Pincott recounts the tales that make her life in the wilds bearable, as well as the incidents that force her to question her sanity for choosing the life she has. - Meneesha Govender