These are some of the books our books editor received recently. They may be reviewed later


A Parliament of Spies

by Cassandra Clark (Allison & Busby, R129)

It is the Autumn of 1386 and Hildegard of Meaux – a Cistercian abbess – is accompanying the Archbishop of York to London.

Just as they prepare to leave, the archbishop’s saucier is found murdered in an ale vat and it turns out the culprit is among the archbishop’s party.

As the party embark on their journey and more deadly surprises take place, Hildegard realises this plot may involve King Richard himself, and those who want to depose him.



by Chris Womersley (Quercus, R134)

Quinn Walker returns from the Great War to the New South Wales town of Flint – the place where he was born and the place he fled from 10 years earlier when he was accused of a heinous act.

Aware of the locals’ vow to hang him, Quinn takes to the surrounding hills, where he plans his next move and questions why he’s returned.

Then he meets Sadie Fox.

This mysterious girl seems to know, and share, his darkest fear.

As the bond grows, clarity grows too for Quinn – and he knows what he needs to do to lay his ghosts to rest.


Christmas According to Humphrey

Betty G Birney (Faber and Faber, R99)

Here’s a great stocking filler for your child.

Humphrey, that lovable hamster is back with a Christmas novel set in the classroom in Room 26.

The children are preparing for their Winter Wonderland show and Humphrey and his class are very excited.

With a little hamster magic it turns out to be a delightfully exciting adventure. - Meneesha Govender