These are some of the books that our books editor received recently. They may be reviewed later


The Crime of Julian Wells

by Thomas H Cook (Head of Zeus, R219)

Julian Wells, a famous writer whose books explored the darkest crimes of the 20th century, is found dead in a boat on a pond in Montauk, New York.

His best friend, Philip Anders, is tasked with delivering his eulogy, so he begins to reread Julian’s work to prepare a fitting tribute.

As he does so he becomes convinced that his friend once committed a terrible crime.



by David Ignatius (Quercus, R124)

They are the US’s most powerful asset – an elite group of deep-cover agents whose existence is known only to a handful of individuals.

Their task is to turn the tide in the war on terrorism, and they are doing it successfully. Until they start being exposed, one by one.

It’s a race against time to find and contain the leak before they all go down.


Fall From Grace

by Richard North Patterson (Quercus, R194)

Adam Blaine returns to his family home in Martha’s Vineyard to bury the father he despised.

As he is reunited with his equally relieved family, he becomes aware of the suspicious circumstances surrounding his father’s death. Soon he realises that a long-hidden secret and chequered family history have more to do with his father’s death than he first thought.

Things aren’t as simple as they seemed, and a stunning tale of betrayal, love, secrets and scandals is revealed.


The Black Box

by Michael Connelly (Orion, R235)

Los Angeles, May 1992. After four LAPD officers are acquitted of the beating of Rodney King, LA is ablaze.

Law and order is swept away in a wave of violence.

When Harry Bosch finds the body of a female journalist in an alley – apparently executed – he knows the crime will never be solved. Twenty years later, Harry has still not forgotten the woman. But new ballistic evidence confirms her death was not a random act of violence, but something a lot more personal. This time Harry is determined to catch the killer.


Underwater Dogs

by Seth Casteel (Little, Brown and Company)

Have you really looked at your dog as he or she jumps into your pool or the sea?

Have you ever watched your pet’s expression as that tennis ball is snatched up amid the bubbles, froth and general mayhem?

Seth Casteel offers a unique glimpse of man’s best friend in this collection of 80 pictures. It’s a side to our pets we have not seen and can be very funny. It earns them another special place in our hearts.


No Angel: The Secret of Bernie Ecclestone

by Tome Bower (Faber and Faber, R124)

“No Angel” is a classic rags-to-riches story. Bernie Ecclestone was born into poverty but made himself a billionaire by developing the world’s second-most popular sport, Formula One racing.

Here Bower tells all about the deals, the marriages, the disasters and the triumphs.


Ripley’s Believe it Or Not! 2013

by Robert Ripley (Random House Struik, R295)

This is a compendium of bizarre facts and features that has legions of dedicated fans around the world.

From jaw-dropping images to strange stories, it will keep you entertained for hours. This annual is a global best seller. – Meneesha Govender