These are some of the books our books editor received recently. They may be reviewed later


Merivel: A Man of His Time

by Rose Tremain (Random House Struik, R235)

Physician and courtier to Charles II, Robert Merivel is caught in a mid-life crisis.

He is plagued by uncertainties about his character and as he sets off for the French court he hopes to find answers to some of his questions about himself.

But Versailles is not what Merivel had anticipated and he is left disillusioned – until he meets Madame de Flamanville.



by Kate Mosse (Orion)

It is the summer of 1942 and the war is reaching its bloody conclusion.

Sandrine is drawn into the world of the Resistance in Carcassonne under German Occupation.

Her network – codenamed “Citadel” – is made up of ordinary women who risk everything to help the Resistance. Sandrine’s fate is tied with that of three men – all very different.

“Citadel” is a tale of passion, loyalty and betrayal.


The Murder of Norman Ware

by Rosamund Kendal (Jacana)

Life in the San La Mer golfing eco-estate on the KwaZulu-Natal coast seems idyllic.

But beneath the well-manicured surface, something rotten lurks. When one of the most respected residents of the estate, advocate Norman Ware, is murdered, Detective De Villiers is called in to investigate.

As the detective sifts through the evidence and talks to witnesses and suspects, the lies and deceit on which the exclusive estate residents’ lives have been built start crumbling around them.


The Jewels of Paradise

by Donna Leon (Random House Struik, R215)

Caterina Pellegrini is a Venetian musicologist hired to find the rightful heir to an alleged treasure concealed by a once-famous baroque composer.

Sworn to secrecy, Caterina has to search through papers in the composer’s two chests that have not been opened for centuries.

As she goes through his personal and professional documents she is drawn into one of the most scandalous affairs of the baroque era.


I’m Your Man: The Life of Leonard Cohen

by Sylvie Simmons (Random House Struik, R250)

Leonard Cohen has been one of the most influential songwriters of our time.

Before he began recording music, he was already an accomplished literary figure and his poetry and novels brought him a fair amount of fame.

This book looks at both facets of Cohen’s life as well as his deep spirituality. - Meneesha Govender