Preventative health and health promotion are part of any leading corporate strategy and I am inundated with requests by corporate brands to align their company strategies with those of global health and wellness initiatives.

Few people will disagree that the pace of our lives has become extremely hectic. Most of us spend our days working to sustain a desired lifestyle. The shift of one’s lifestyle to a high-paced mindset is not without casualties.

More fast foods and preserved foods, with minimal product knowledge and methods of food preparation, have contributed to a rise in physical and psychological issues. Massive profits have been witnessed in both the fast food and the health industry over the past five years – due to the abnormalities of obesity and the metabolic syndrome.

Following extensive media and publicity from our US counterparts, the effects and risks of the metabolic syndrome have shocked the world with resultant social and community responsibility growing. This is where we need to direct our efforts in attempts to move paradigms and stigmas around the role of a balanced lifestyle.

Eating, sleeping and exercising are three equally important ways of dealing with stress. Fortunately there has been a surge of focus in schools, antenatal classes, as well as corporates, to exercise good choices on a daily basis.