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How to protect your child on the internet

According to Bitdefender’s Teen and Online Threats Report, December 2017, seven out of 10 teenagers have strangers on their online friends’ lists and worse, seven out 10 interact with them online. Shockingly almost 20 percent of these children have 50 strangers on their lists.

25 October 2018 | Family

Draw up plans for a better year

Set your own goals for the next few months. Pace yourself by setting a few achievable goals each quarter. If you don't get everything done, don't panic. Keep calm and carry on.

27 January 2018 | Family

Tumultuous teen years are highly necessary

Adolescents are by necessity engaged in exploring essential questions about themselves – who they are, what skills they have and who among their peers is worth socialising with.

6 January 2018 | Family